The anglo-american influence in Romanian literature

Secondary topic: literature and catastrophe.
Epidemics, wars, genocide, depression, "the writing of the disaster"

After discussing the French and German influences, in the variety of relationships they have had and continue to have with the forms of Romanian literature and culture, we will close the series with this year’s conference, dedicated to the Anglo-American model. Although, historically, the modern construction of our literary culture is directly related to the first two models, the influence of the English and / or American model is extremely important for the recent and contemporary repertoire of concepts, forms, but also attitudes and dynamics of values ​​in Romanian culture. What are the privileged moments when this model is activated in Romanian culture – and, especially – what are its functionalities in its morphological dynamics? What are the cultural meanings staked in the internal canonical battles by individual writers or groups who resorted to the Anglo-Saxon model? Did it function as a subversive counter-model to hegemonic influences? What are the local genres and cultural forms most permeable to this model? Does the Anglo-Saxon culture currently have a uniformizing pressure (caused by globalization) on the Romanian one, similar to the case of other (semi)peripheral cultures? What is invoked in the title of our conference as a double or dual model, unified more from a linguistic perspective and from the point of view of the Romanian and Eastern European perception, is actually composed of distinct literary, intellectual and political traditions. Therefore, in the Argument below, we propose two sets of topics that we invite you to take as suggestions, starting points for your discussions, hypotheses and applications.

Please announce your titles by June 1, at algcr@yahoo.com.

Call for papers



Brașov, July 14-16, 2021

Guest speakers




Aula Universității Transilvania
Iuliu Maniu nr. 41A, Brașov


Phone: 0268 474059
Email: f-lit@unitbv.ro


July 14-16, 2021

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